Between Wet Lips


15 thoughts on “Between Wet Lips

  1. Tell me about it I want to see Glory get fucked by a man just take a load to that pouty face!!!!

  2. Hello Ms.Gloria,it’s 2015 spring now. We’re really miss you. Is anything alright ? You have long……long….long time no update new movie. I hope that’s cause you got your good life and retired……

  3. Hello Ms. Gloria, Could you please upload a video on my birthday for me? nov 24th. That’d be the best gift anyone could give 😀

  4. I don`t really know, who she is. I have videos, pictures. A lot.
    Which person she really is? She looks so sad ! Everytime !
    Amazing body, clear pussy and asshole. Good looking face.
    Can`t believe that this girl is a pornstar. But it looks like these.
    But you`re right, show your beauty body to all.
    There are not many girls, which can do this.
    Like to see more of you. But not such a sad face. Talk and laugh, if you can.

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