Innocent And Charming

28 Nov 2012
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Categories: Blonde, Masturbation, Movies, Shaved Pussy, Solo


  • Dan says:

    I’m a old man 66, but you make me feel young again. Would love to make a porno movie with you. If I died during the movie it would be worth it.

  • Max says:

    me too im 62

  • darren says:


  • Hugh Jardon says:

    65. She must be particularly attractive to old guys. Wow

  • steve says:


  • Hulk says:

    Monroe I love you you are talented beautiful ya got nice eyes and I want you to be mine

  • Bad Ass says:

    You people need to get real. This is Pornography not a dating site. She’s not going to fucking be yours…but I will have to say I would like to take her out to a nice steak dinner and definitely call her again.

  • Bad Ass says:

    You are a very handsome woman. I would hold your hand so tight. Then, I would take you to a nice steak dinner, be the perfect gentlemen and thank you for the special night out. Following up with a call the next day of course.

  • antoni wahyudi says:

    I love u manroe

  • Danny says:

    All of u horrny

  • John says:

    You guys are creepy as fuck

  • Luke says:

    Holy shit, reading these comments have DESTROYED my brain cells, is anyone here NOT some 60 year old dude trying to talk to her? And she’s Russian, you dumbasses.

  • Tom says:

    I am a Chinese, however, I want to say is, this is the most beautiful blonde,

  • Strollinbones says:

    …what a little dickens you are…just had to reset my pacemaker. Monroe, if you like older men I am a youthful and erotic 98 year old man. I would love to invite you in (with permission from the head nurse on duty, of course) for graham crackers and apple sauce…Fridays after supper (4pm sharp) the home hosts “Laurence Welk” Night in the Community Hall. We could shimmy and fox-trot all night long, stop off at the cafeteria for a quick nightcap of slightly chilled prune juice. Then after Wheel of Fortune, make sweet whoopie ,til “lights out”. Would you like to court me sweetie pie?

  • Sergen says:

    this comment are pretty fuckin funny man. LOL!

    I’m 102 years old and i would like to eat icecream with you!

  • Andrew says:

    Can anyone blame these guys I’m 19 and she makes me feel older :p haha she’s really beautiful though you guys aren’t crazy or creepy

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